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You should never stop dreaming – even when we are adults….

I am always a dreamer. Most entrepreneurs are dreamers. I remember when I was 5 years old (life was far easier!) and when asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Responses of ‘A fireman, a police officer, a teacher’ came up. At that age, I never thought I would say ‘a technical recruiter specializing in engineering/sales search consulting‘ or an ‘SEO expert focusing on optimizing new web/blog designs ‘. What happened? Life is what happened. The harshness of the real world kicks in (some call it responsibilities). After university/college graduation, people take whatever job they can get in order to earn money and make a living. Some individuals stick with their first job out of university for many years as they earn experience in order to become very good at what they do. Others use that first job as a stepping stone for a better career.

Jeremy Miller’s article ‘Career Resolutions – Dreaming a Bigger Future’ states that dreams are important. Even through adulthood, dreams are what keeps you going in life. He states that adults still need to dream. However, their dreams are bigger in scope and more grand in scale as compared to a 5 year old kid. Maybe adults dream of owning their own company. You then consider what it takes to own your own company. You start thinking about your current management style, your current leadership style and how you can gain ‘respect’ from the peers around you. Dreams are important no matter what age you are. They motivate individuals in proceeding into a journey towards reaching an end-goal.

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