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Recruitment Battlegrounds – Using social media to thrive in 2010

2010 has arrived with promise of a more healthier 2009. I have talked about many changes that will be seen in this upcoming year.  We all know that the economy is going through a slow recovery, more companies are setting aside recruitment budgets for their hiring needs and social media / social recruitment is going to become more of a potent ‘player’ in the recruitment landscape. The use of twitter, facebook, YouTube and LinkedIN will become staples (if not already are)  and ‘must use’ tools in recruitment along with the ever popular job boards (which are slowly becoming ineffective) and the old fashioned ‘head hunting’ approach.

I came across Andy’s blog post today as he describes the upcoming year as a ‘recruitment battleground’. He mentions,

companies that have not yet embraced social recruiting, via the sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube (not forgetting blogs), will need to take a long hard look at themselves, as these platforms will become the recruiting battlegrounds of 2010.”

I tend to agree with his stance as these trends have recently emerged within the last 3 –  5 years. Later, he mentions that with any battleground – there are casualties. Candidate and company expectations have grown considerably due to the use of this new medium. Communications (both internal and external) are becoming more rapid (almost instantaneous with the use of new smart phone technology) with  the integration of social media in the mobile phone space.  The recruitment landscape has definitely changed and we (as recruiters) must embrace and understand this new form of communication medium and avoid being a casualty of the recruitment wars.

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