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When Entrepreneurs become job seekers

I have seen this quite a bit throughout my career as a recruiter. When the economy enters a recession, I see more resumes across my desk of candidates that are currently (or once) CEOs and Presidents that are trying to re-enter the job market to be ’employed’ by companies. This article relates that well. The harsh reality is that these ‘entrepreneurs’ are used to working for themselves and/or by themselves. Many entrepreneurs are considered to be called ‘Mavericks’ or ‘cowboys’ and will have difficulty reporting to a more senior / hierarchical power. Entrepreneurs receive many tax benefits and tax write-offs that they will also have to forego once they transition themselves to become an employee. You might say that the transition from CEO to employee not only involves a change of responsibility and job function but also, a change in complete lifestyle. I have seen some candidates make this transition quite smoothly while others, will have difficulty in adapting to this new way of life.

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