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Importance of Recruiting – why is recruiting considered low on the 'corporate power scale'

I read this article last night and I found it quite interesting. As an engineering recruiter, my most busiest time of day is between the hours of 4:00pm – 6:00pm. This is when I receive the most phone calls / e-mails from my customers regarding feedback on candidate interviews. If recruiting was such an important function to the company/hiring individual, wouldn’t you expect that a customer will call you back first thing in the morning rather than the last minute of the day. Most of the time,  I will have to follow up with the hiring authority to obtain the feedback I want. I understand that hiring authorities are busy individuals. They would rather serve the company, generate revenue, increase production/efficiency, re-engineer their plant processes, visit key customers rather than return calls from recruiters.

Maybe we (as recruiters) have not demonstrated how important our services can affect the company’s bottom line (i.e. how can we show hiring authorities that the services we provide (a successful recruit) can actually generate/save the company millions of dollars).  The article than summarizes that maybe recruitment is industry specific.  Many sports teams and entertainment individuals view recruiting as a ‘mission critical’ resource. How many times on the news do we hear that a famous hockey player (or baseball player etc..) has signed ‘some kind of multi-million dollar contract’ with the competition. I’m sure the ‘sports agent (recruiter)’ got paid a nice hefty commission cheque for closing one of these deals!

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