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Changes in 2010 – Hiring a Researcher – an Important part in Recruiting

I have been recruiting 7+ years without the use of a researcher. I have read other blogs stating the importance of research in the executive search business. Currently, I have been doing most of the ‘research’ and ‘recruiting’ legwork myself. This includes (but are not limited to): scanning resume databases (monster.ca, workopolis.com), updating our own internal database and using social networks (facebook, LinkedIN) to find qualified candidates. I have also been following trade magazines (Metalworking Canada , CIEN etc.) to gain a better understanding of my niche industry. With a researcher, I plan on branching out from my niche industry and start to look at different industries that I currently do not specialize in. Unfortunately, research takes the lion’s share of time when assisting existing and/or developing new clients.

2010 will be a different year. Campbell Morden Inc. is going through major transitions. I believe the exciting developments within the upcoming year will allow us to expand and ‘grow’ our firm. 2 research blogs I constantly follow are: Margism and Research Goddess. Both of these blogs state the importance of research and how research ‘fits’ in well  into a business context.

I think it will be a very interesting experiment and I eagerly look forward towards the growth and development of our firm in 2010.

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