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Career Transition – From Employee to Entrepreneurs

Recently, Tom Johnston wrote an article entitled ‘ Unemployed? Maybe you should be’. Today, I found a follow up article to his former post – ‘Unemployed? Maybe you want to be’. I see people in career transitions all the time. Tom mentions in his article that it takes time to transition from employee to entrepreneur but what’s most important is that a person’s life changes / life evolved. Priorities are different when you are 25 years old compared to when you are 45. People who are 25 years of age want structure, mentorship and training rather than working for themselves.  When the 25 year old move to be 45 year old, their priorities changes. Now they have to deal with aging parents, their own families, children (if they have some), and possibly a more stressful and responsible career. Time becomes a scarce resource and flexibility becomes more important. The entrepreneurial lifestyle can provide this and might fit well into their own lifestyle now then before.

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