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Stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing new ideas

2009 is quickly coming to an end and a new year is yet to begin. Changes will have to be made in order for one to stay in competitive in the recruitment landscape. Here, at Campbell Morden Inc. we expect to have a major shift in focus during our times of re-branding and re-visualization of our firm.

I found a great article by Emmanual Lopez – creator of a blog entitled ‘Movies that Motivate’ where he talks about how the main protaganist (Jake Sully) of this movie (Avatar) had to step out of his ‘comfort zone’ to embrace a new way of living and a new lifestyle. Changes are tough to accept and at times can be uncomfortable especially when dealing with major business decisions (i.e. a merger with another firm, an addition of a new employee, considering to ‘let go’ of a client that is taking too much of your precious time – and not bringing you enough reward).  However, when changes are made – they are normally made for the better. When we look back after the changes, we then try to understand the reasons behind why we made these changes and usually we are more fulfilled and changed because of them.

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