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Looking for a job on LinkedIN?

Out of all the social media campaigns (facebook, twitter and LinkedIN), I find that LinkedIN is the most suitable place to increase my professional network and image. I have been following Amybeth Hale – “Research Goddess” for quite some time as she posts some very interesting articles on the importance of ‘research’ and how that relates to recruiting. I thought her newest article ‘What?! Don’t put ‘looking for a job’ in your linkedIN status’ was quite informative.

As a recruiter, I find that 90% of people are always on the hunt for new employment opportunities. Even if they are happily employed, most people would be happy to hear from an experienced recruiter presenting them with a new career opportunity. These are called ‘passive candidates’ and most of the time, these people are not actively looking for a change. Maybe they want something different in their career or a change in their lifestyle. LinkedIN is an excellent recruiter ‘tool’ to tap in to this market. Why? Recruiters and salespeople alike can actively search for certain keywords bringing up people within a specific niche industry. A customized private message (InMail) can be sent to these individuals presenting them with a career opportunity that might be more suitable than what they already have.

Understanding and leveraging LinkedIN can be an essential tool to tap into an untouched passive candidate market.

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