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Christmas Recruiting – Slow? It shouldn’t be… try Christmas in January…

Christmas is a time when the shopping malls are busy, holiday parties are plentiful and a light atmosphere is in the air. Everyday work normally comes second – as shopping for Christmas gifts, holiday events and meeting up with friends and family take over. As recruiters, we think that most hiring authorities are on vacation mode  – however, this is definitely not the case. Lou Adler’s articleHow to recruit passive candidates and early birds‘ says it best.

December is the busiest time in terms of recruitment. Why? Most companies want their new hires/employees to start in January 2010. This means a lot of ‘prep’ work for the recruiter. Contracts has to be negotiated and signed, shortlist candidates has to be presented before end of year, hiring managers are already planning their hiring strategies (and more importantly – their hiring budget) for the upcoming 2010 year. What better way for a new president / general manager to start his new year off with a new company! For recruiters and salespersons, I would highly suggest this is the time to ‘kick it up a notch’ and actually be busy prospecting, drafting up new agreements or strengthening existing relationships. If all goes well, we can start to relax in January and have piles of invoices ready to be sent out by the end of this year and be bathed in gold when January comes around.

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