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What to give your customers during Christmas time: Give them what they want not what they already have.

Knowing what your customers want this Christmas is the most important point to stay well connected to your customer base.  As we know, customers are the life blood of our business. Without them, business doesn’t grow or business doesn’t sustain itself.  Workopolis.com has posted a fairly basic article on how we can get closer to our customers. I find most of the steps that they mention are fairly common sense as it doesn’t shed much light in to the sales process.

However, what I find more interesting with the Christmas time approaching is trying to answer the question –  what is the best way of staying connected? Is sending Thank you cards and Christmas cards to your existing customer base an ideal solution? Has this methodology been over saturated and overused. Maybe a brief phone call to your customers wishing them a ‘Merry Christmas’. Once again, does your customers get too many of these calls and cards that they start ignoring them.

I believe the best way to stay connected with your customers during Christmas time is giving them something they want.  As a recruiter, instead of sending Christmas cards, why not send them a stellar candidate that fits exactly what they are looking for. How about a good, solid,  urgent job order to another recruiter to deepen relationships and increase partnerships.  I’m sure if you do these little gestures, your customers will definitely thank you in gold and you won’t be get lost in the multitude of Christmas cards and phone calls that get sent their way.

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