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10% Unemployment and we still have problems in ‘Finding the right people’??

As a recruiter, we always review, screen, interview candidates that are both employed and unemployed. Sometimes the candidates that we recruit are the perfect fit to our jobs and most of the times, these great candidates are employed. I met Tom Johnston (CEO of Searchpath International) back in 2006 when I flew myself down to Cleveland, OH. A highly, energetic individual that certainly has a vision for his company. At that time, Searchpath International was just in its infancy stage and growing rapidly with franchises across the United States. I learned a lot from meeting with him and learned more about the industry that I am currently in. His article Unemployed?… Maybe you should be.. really hit home to me.

He suggests that with the current recessionary market and 10% unemployment (actually, the number is probably higher, but that’s only what’s registered with the government), it should be easy for us (recruiters) to find candidates.  Well – the fact is: that’s not true. Why? As Tom suggests, companies always keep (or want) the ‘A’ or ‘A+’ performers and these performers are all working and are happy. Their resumes aren’t posted on Monster.com or Workopolis.com and most of the times, they don’t even have a resume.   Even in a recessionary market, the top performers are still employed even as a skeleton crew to keep the company running. It is the average run-of-the-mill employee or the non-performer  that are ‘let go’ first during the first and/or second cut. I always believe that maybe there is the right job fit for everybody and I always try my best to work as hard as I can to find that fit. Although, not always easy – it can be rewarding once that fit is found. Maybe there are other ways of assessing job fit than traditional recruitment methods.

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