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Use of Technology in Recruiting – Eliminating the human connection

What did we learn about this year in recruiting? The recruiting landscape has definitely changed. With social media – facebook, twitter, youtube and LinkedIN – recruiting has now been more automated than ever before. Even George Clooney’s new movie ‘Up in the Air’ suggests that firing employees  over the internet is not the most effective or useful way in managing  employee’s emotions. (It might be more cost effective – but it sure doesn’t provide a human emotional touch). Companies are being more cost sensitive and eliminating the human connection. Recruiters are using too many automated tools to source for candidates and not effectively screening them in person or face to face. The use of technology in recruiting is getting more abundant. Overall, the recruiting landscape has changed from 5 to 10 years ago. ERE has a good article stating 4 lessons that we should have learned in this past year. Sure, the recession hit every recruiting firm hard – but in order to bounce back in 2010, I believe we must return to the traditional and fundamental rules of this industry. Banging away on the phones, using targeted e-mail campaigns and meeting our candidates and our clients face to face to form a more human connection. Only that way , we can build strong relationships and continue to develop and expand both our existing and potential customer base.

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